Grassroot Awareness




Our mission is to help minimize the social, cultural, political and economic plight of Mewat region. We believe that people’s participation is key to progress. Our projects focus on community-led local development to aid grassroots development in this region.
Dr. Subhan Khan

Patron, MDS India

Focus Areas

research studies on social, science, technology, innovation & resources

local governance

providing rural development and spatial information solutions to clients

legal awareness

advocating women’s leadership

health issues

agricultural productivity enhancement

educational, spiritual & cultural problems

Head Office

Mewat Development Society
Head Office

Chharora, P.O. Taoru,
District: Mewat – 122 105, Haryana

Delhi Office

Delhi Office (for correspondence):

D 212, Crescent Apartments,
Plot No 2, Sector 18 A, Dwarka,
New Delhi-110075

Ph. No.: +91 (011) 2081088