Historical Background

Mewat is a distinct socio-cultural and ethnological region named after its predominant inhabitant's viz. the Meos. They claim to be 'Rajputs' originally, and trace their descent to the Aryans, who invaded India. They call themselves 'chhatris'. They also make the proud claim of being one of the rare segments of the invading population that has not lost its original ethnic purity, unlike many other Rajputs. It is believed that they embraced the Islam religion during the reign of Tuglak I during the 14th century. A large number of Meos live in other Indian states also, like Madhya Pradesh.

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It is to inform every stakeholder that as per the ‘Haryana Registration and Regulation of Societies Act, 2012 (Haryana Act No. 1 of 2012), which received the assent of the Governor of Haryana on the 26th March 2012, every old registered society is to be re-registered at the Office of Registrar at specific district as per location of its head office and obtain a new registration number as per sub rule (1) of rule 8. Hence, the Mewat Development Society (MDS), for which you have been holding some honorary position/designation, is also to be re-registered at Registrar office Mewat. Accordingly all such honorary positions/designations are dissolved and new/updated bye laws (Memorandum of Association & Rules & Regulations, Governing Body, and Membership details etc. are under preparation/in process of re-registration, which is expected to be completed by 25th December 2013 or thereafter at the earliest.

After new registration/re-registration appropriate details will be posted at this place.

- Dr Subhan Khan, Patron